Safari Desert Dubai

Best Desert Safari Dubai Guide to Experience the Best Desert Safari in Dubai in 2020

Introduction – Desert Safari Dubai


Dubai and other emirates in the UAE and altogether the whole of the Arabian Peninsula are in the thick of desert. Desert calls people to enjoy in its lap because it is far away from the concrete jungles called cities. Deserts are the best bet for 21st Century Millennial looking for leisure and de-stressing their mind and rejuvenate their bodies. So the ubiquitous sand in the desert offers yet another area of adventure for the most adventurous. When the going gets tough – only the tough get going. Dubai has secured the use of desert as an economic asset, among many, to support itself.

Desert Safari in Dubai has various schemes for millennials seeking enjoyment, unwinding relaxation in the desert. Safaris are offered in the day, night and day-night paradigm with pick up and drop off facilities from your accommodation or hotel. All Desert Safari services have their own offerings and many advantages. Tourists, Visitors, and Residents have a multitude of safari programs to choose from passenger transport services in Dubai.

The following are the best Desert Safari in Dubai available and choose one according to your taste and your pounding wallet. The price of the program is dependent on the duration and on the string of services offered.

Wow! Desert Safari….Start experiencing!

Desert Safari Dubai


Below are the different kinds of Desert Safari in Dubai


  • Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari, just as it starts before the break of dawn in the cool morning temperatures in the Dubai deserts is what makes it a marvelous experience. The morning breeze in the desert and first sun rays soothes your nerves and unwind you.

Morning Desert Safari offers services like Quad Bike ride, hot air balloon, wildlife, ski on the sand and Sand bashing and camel ride too. The morning beauty combined with stunning activities makes Dubai’s Morning Desert Safari an instant hit among Desert lovers, visitors and residents alike.

  • Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner in Dubai, generally, starts from the hotel at around 3 pm in the afternoon in a 4-wheel drive European or Japanese make SUVs.  And it comes with a different combination of unique activities like Barbeque dinner and belly dancing in the desert camp. Barbeque Dinner is a sumptuous and elaborate affair in the empty desert with Arabian dates, Qahwa and exotic Arabic Coffee. You are alone and one with oneself.

  • Overnight Safari

Deserts are open and large and ever-changing sand dunes make ride delightful adventures in the night. Overnight Desert Safari is yet another kind of enjoyment conducted in the middle of the night and in the middle of the desert with the cool breeze flowing giving you the experience of nirvana in the open vastness of the desert. Stunning! Isn’t it? It also offers Barbeque dinner and belly dancing in the same breath and then early morning breakfast after sleeping in the desert camp. Please do not forget to carry your camera to capture the sunrise in the Desert.  

  • Camel Safari

Camels are known as ships of the Desert they say. It is indeed correct! Traverse the desert in a traditional camel caravan and enjoy the ride sitting on the back of a camel. Camel safari is the best time for sweet photographic memories of the desert for antiquity. Enjoy a live demonstration of Arabic coffee making and henna painting, witness spectacular falcon show; spend an evening in a Bedouin camp with a delicious Emirati cuisine dinner and watch traditional culture dance with an Arabic drumming performance.

  • Evening Desert Safari

Evenings offer the best time to start and enjoy Desert Safari. Experienced safaris drivers will drive through the sand dunes to reach the traditional campsite and Arabic tents are furnished with pillows and carpets.  Exciting activates await you in the desert starting with camel ride for men and women, henna painting for ladies. And BBQ dinner around campfire accompanied with Arabic music, Tanura dance followed by waist gyrating ladies doing belly dance around the campfire. Evening Desert Safari’s fun and exciting treat in the desert that would mesmerize you to the hilt and soothes your nerves for the days to come.

  • Hummer Desert Safari

Hummer Desert Safari is a wonderful way to explore the Dubai Desert. Hummer vehicles can accommodate 5 or 6 people in it. Enjoy hummer smashing and dashing splendid golden sand dunes under a twinkling desert sky. Sand dunes are formed by fast blowing winds which make them high and low in height. The thrill increases as you go up on the high sand dune and screaming starts when you come down from the dune.

Hummer Desert Safari offers many services you ask for: pickup and drop-back, Henna designing, Sunset Photography opportunity, Desert Dune bashing, Camel riding, BBQ dinner around the campfire with Belly dancing and unlimited soft drinks, water, Tea & Coffee.

Embark on this excellent Hummer Desert Safari ride in the night and day now that you may never forget the experiences and enjoyments in your lifetime.


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