Dubai City Tour

An Ultimate Dubai City Tour Services Guide in 2020 (To Save Your Money & Time)

Introduction & History of Dubai City


Dubai is thought to have been established in the 19th century as a fishing town in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The original native inhabitants of Dubai are Bani Yas tribe who came from Abu Dhabi established the trading town. Al Maktoum Al Butti established the Al Maktoum dynasty which ruled Dubai from 1833 AD to the present times. The present ruler of Dubai is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a visionary leader, and a Constitutional Monarch.

The discovery of Oil in Dubai in the 1950s changed the course of its fortunes and it never looked back until it became a Modern, World-class, Multi-ethnic, Cosmopolitan Metropolis in the world. Dubai has reduced its dependence on Oil and diversified into other industries like Export and Import businesses and many more. It has a very big maritime port touched upon by all major ocean liners and ships and vessels.

Dubai is a beautiful mix of old and modern traditions and cultures and a rich history. Dubai has all that it makes it a Modern world-class city: a new colossal International Airport, Massive Infrastructure projects, Excellent Autobahns, Sky touching Skyscrapers, Healthcare Industry, highly efficient Telecommunication industry, 4G Internet services, and Automobile industry.

Dubai City Tour Services Guide


How to choose Dubai City Tour Services


  • Duration of the Tour

There are half-day and full-day Dubai City Tour Services offered by tour operators. You can choose one of them based on your time and budget. A half-day tour would be a little hurried and a full-day tour is when you want to explore the city in little more detail and its ideal one and better idea to choose.  Passenger Transport Services in Dubai include city tour services.

  • Time of the Day

Dubai is quite different at night than what it is at day time. Ideally, Day and Night tour of Dubai is sort after time-frame to see Dubai in the broad daylight and enjoy its vibrant night-life.

  •  Guided Tour or Not

A guided tour is the best option one should choose which offers a variety of experiences and it follows a set schedule. The city offers Audio guides with 24 hours and 48 hours pass for the hop-on-hop-off facility (get-off and get-on of the audio guide) for those who have ample time on their hands. The validity is the pass is of 7 days.

  • Dubai’s Skyscrapers and its Malls

There are a huge number of skyscrapers in Dubai reflecting its ambition to be a global and sought-after city in the world. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world touching the clouds with164 floors. And other big tallest buildings are Princess Tower (400 meters), 23 Marina (390 meters), Elite Residence (370 meters) and Almas Tower (360 meters). These buildings are architectural marvels normally seen nowhere in the world.

Malls in Dubai are much more and a lot and not mere shops with a limited identity where you only can pick food and beverages. Most malls have fun activities like games zones, Ski slopes, Climbing walls and aquarium for children and others. Shopping in Dubai malls is an expensive, unique and different experience altogether.

  • Theme Parks

Dubai is not only famous for high skyscrapers, tremendous infrastructure, and express highways but also home to best and exotic water and theme parks in the Middle East with tons of enjoyment in store. An entire holiday can be designed and planned around theme parks.  Aquaventure Waterpark, Wild Wadi Waterpark and Ski Dubai and IMG Worlds of Adventure are few of the many theme parks open in Dubai.

  • Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai and other emirates in the UAE are in the thick of the desert. So the sand in the desert offers yet another adventure sport for the most adventurous. Desert Safari packages have Desert Safari schemes for citizens, tourists and foreigners alike.

Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner starts from the hotel at 3 in the afternoon and comes with a different combination of unique activities like Barbeque dinner and belly dancing in the desert camp. Barbeque Dinner is sumptuous and elaborate with Arabian dates, Qahwa and Coffee. You are alone and one with oneself.

Overnight Safari is yet another kind of enjoyment conducted in the middle of the night and in the middle of the desert with a cool breeze flowing giving you the experience of nirvana in the vastness of the desert. It also offers Barbeque dinner and early morning breakfast.

There are many other Desert safari programs like Camel Safari, Evening Desert Safari, and Hummer Desert Safari to enjoy the expanse of the desert.

Enjoy the Desert Ride and come back safe!

  • Fort of Dubai

Al Fahidi fort was built in 1799 and major expansion work was carried out on it from the 1830s to 1850s under the rule of the late Sheikh Maktoum Bin Butti, a founding member of Al Maktoum dynasty. Dubai stands at the foundation of this fort. And this fort is a must-see for any visitors, tourists, and foreigners. Al Fahidi Fort is now converted to Dubai Museum showing a rich political, socio-economic and geographic history of Dubai.


Dubai City Tour Packages:


There are many Dubai City tour packages offered by various tour package operators based on a certain budget. They are as follows

  • Dubai City Tour
  • Desert Safari
  • Dhow Cruise Creek
  • Dhow Cruise Marina
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Ski Dubai
  • Big Bus Tour
  • Wild Wadi Water park and many more

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