Rent A Car For Long Term

Learn how to Rent a Car for Long-Term Use in Dubai in 2020

Introduction – Rent a Car for Long-Term Use in Dubai


How many cars are there in Dubai in 2020? According to Dubai’s Road Transport Authority, there are about more than 2 million cars in the city in 2019. Each Dubai resident is supposed to have 2 cars in total. Coupled with low fuel prices, a car is the easiest, safest and efficient mode of transport in Dubai. And car rental companies in Dubai offer 4-Wheelers on a daily and long-term basis.

Big Conglomerates, Corporations, and small businesses hire cars for their Executives, Managers, and officials on a long-term basis. And Individuals also hire cars for their long-term use for their businesses which requires extensive traveling throughout Dubai and in other emirates.

There is one more segment of the population who are tourists on longer vacation and long business trips to Dubai. They would certainly need a car on a long-term basis for mobility in the city.

Pointers are given below decide how to hire a car for long-term use in Dubai with wisdom.

Rent a Car for Long Term USe

Types of Cars:

Car leasing companies provide all types of cars and not just white hatchbacks to customers. The car’s make whether it’s a speedster, or front-wheel drive or 4 wheel drive would offer choices to the customer to choose from. The color of the car is an important characteristic too for many customers to help decide on the car. Another important characteristic is horsepower generated by the machine defining its speed.


Individuals or Corporate:


If you are an individual and experienced driver too and looking forward to visiting various places within Dubai or visiting emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ras-al-Khaimah, Al-Ain, Sharjah or Fujairah on regular bases for business activities or otherwise, then hiring a car for long-term use is advisable and wise

Corporations offer cars to their top-level executive managers for commuting from their places of residence and workplace. Corporations do not need to shell out a big amount of money for their cars instead of hiring a car is a good option.

Salik (Toll) Charges

Tolls Plaza on certain roads, especially highways, charge money when cars use them. The decision of hiring a car on a long-term basis would be affected by the amount of Salik charges paid at toll plazas daily. The calculation of Salik charges needs to be taken care of before hiring a car on the long term basis

Parking Places

A large parking lot is an expensive affair owing to very high real estate prices in Dubai. Dubai has a parking place for a few hundred thousand cars only compared to 2 million cars that ply on Dubai roads. If you have a parking place at the place you live or at the hotel, it’s ok. But, if not, it’s a problem; the hiring decision of a car for the long-term in this scenario would warrant your close attention towards the parking place solution.

Value to Customer

Excellent customer care and satisfaction is the key-value looked at in the long-term car leasing industry in Dubai. The Customer wants value for his/her money back and good vehicle experience.

Daily Cab Rates

Hiring a car on a long-term basis is cheaper than hiring a cab daily. The mobility needs of the customer would define how much he/she can save on costs vis-a-vis long-term or daily hiring.

Experienced Driver

Navigating would be difficult on Dubai roads if you are not an experienced driver. In Dubai, there are drivers of 200 nationalities each of them having different driving experiences of their native country. Everyone has his driver habits. Understanding of signage, in Arabic and English languages, on the roads of Dubai, by drivers is their crucial ability for a good travel experience to customers.


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