Importance of Private Passenger Transport Services

Importance of Private Passenger Transport Services

Introduction – Private Passenger Transport Services

Private Passenger Transport

Private transport is the dominant form of transportation in most of the world. So is the case of Dubai.

The cosmopolitan city of Dubai is a hub of trade and commerce and export and import on a big scale competing with the likes of London or New York or Tokyo. Dubai has a very large maritime port, massive international Airport and undertook several massive infrastructure projects to make it a world city during the last 40 years to support commerce and trade. Private Passenger Transport Services are imperative here in Dubai to supplement its economy.

Dubai has all the surface and water transport technologies and systems: Bus System, Cars, Tram, Monorail, and Metro Train and Water transport. Dubai has been a world-class tourist destination attracting more than 8 million people from across the world and world-class transport systems are imperative for the city which offers safety, economy, and ease of travel. Dubai Expo each year gives a massive boost to logistics planning.

The new Transportation trends in Dubai is what makes it a world-class Metropolis in the seemingly Desert peninsula. The ease of transport, an imperative, in Dubai is what makes it. 

Any economy rides on the transportation industry to make both ends meet. It means that the transport industry is the wheels of the economy. The same is the case with the city of Dubai too. Dubai is famous for its efficient transport systems.

According to Dubai Future Foundation, a UAE government think tank, “the goal of the Dubai government is to transform 25% of the total transportation in Dubai to Autonomous Mode by 2030, involving 5 million trips, saving AED 22 billion in annual economic costs and positioning the government of Dubai as a global leading

example of the integrated transportation strategy”.

Importance of Private Passenger Transportation:

We, humans, move from one place to another for a variety of reasons each day. And sometimes traveling is sought at night too. Isn’t it true? Yes! Traveling is a lifeline of people and country in any economy. There are varieties of motor vehicles present today for transportation and having their own vehicle for transport is the best option among many others in transportation. Private passenger transport is a part of the transportation ecosystem of the entire City of Dubai.

People, Visitors, and Residents of Dubai go to offices or workplaces in their private vehicles like small and medium Sedan Cars, Luxury cars, and other private vehicles. The Govt of Dubai has built an international Standard quality road network in the emirates. This has supplemented private transport systems in Dubai. A large section of people in Dubai owns a car. According to Statista Research Department, 39.83 percent of the respondent says they owned a car.

The importance of private passenger transport is realized when it offers the ease of movement between different parts of the city of Dubai.

Transport movement in the city of Dubai is difficult 

 In any economy, people own private passenger vehicles for transport

  • Security

Private passenger vehicles offer unique unmatched security to the passenger and his/her family. Though the Dubai Security apparatus is strict on passenger safety matters but having your transport is good and convenient.

  • Time

Time is money they say. Correct!

You can save time in a private vehicle without having to wait for a public transport vehicle like Bus or Metro system to come. You can reach the destination in time.

  • Ease of travel

Private passenger vehicles offer ease of travel throughout the city of Dubai. Traveling any part of the city, at any time in the dead of the night there is no problem and you can reach home safely.

  • Last Mile Connectivity

Public transport vehicles or systems like Metro or Bus System do not offer the last mile connectivity for the commuter to reach home, office or destination, unlike private vehicle which is parked in the premises of the commuter or just behind the house or in a parking lot nearby.


Owning a private passenger transport vehicle is a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, advantages range from ease of travel, time saved, security and last-mile connectivity. On another hand, the private vehicle needs petrol, maintenance and parking place which is very less in Dubai.

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