Transportation Trends Dubai

Top Transportation Trends in Dubai 2020 | Detailed Information

Introduction – Transportation Trends in Dubai:


Dubai has all the surface and water transport technologies and systems: Bus System, Cars, and Metro Train and Water transport. Dubai has been a world-class tourist destination attracting more than 8 million people from across the world and world-class transport systems are imperative for the city which offers safety, economy, and ease of travel. Dubai Expo each year gives a massive boost to logistics planning.

The new Transportation Trends in Dubai is what makes it a world-class Metropolises in the seemingly Desert peninsula. The ease of transport, an imperative, in Dubai is what makes it. According to Dubai Future Foundation, a UAE government think tank, “the goal of the Dubai government is to transform 25% of the total transportation in Dubai to Autonomous Mode by 2030, involving 5 million trips, saving AED 22 billion in annual economic costs and positioning the government of Dubai as a global leading example for the integrated transportation strategy”.

Transportation Trends Dubai


Transportation Trends in Dubai:

  • Hyperloop Transportation:

The Hyperloop system is a vacuum-tube train transport system. which reaches a top speed of 800 kilometers an hour.

The capital city of UAE Abu Dhabi and Dubai are two big metropolia separated geographically by a distance of 150 kilometers. The government is introducing a Hyperloop transportation system between these two cities to cut down transportation costs and time for corporations, businesses, people and foreign visitors. The Hyperloop transport system is likely to be operational in the coming year ahead and it offers speeds, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

  • Metro Train

Dubai Metro was inaugurated in the year 2009, and fully automated and driverless system. In the first two days of operation, more than 10 percent of the population of Dubai has availed the services of the Dubai Metro. Dubai Metro offers the facility of traveling ease to international and domestic travels like office goers, school children, and businesses. Dubai metro operated 24 hours on New Year’s Eve of 2020.

  • Bus System and Tram

Dubai is having international standards of surface transport road systems. And it is unparalleled in the world. The city of Dubai claims to have excellent surface transport systems augmented and supported by Bus network system, Car rentals, and Mini Vans rentals and Tram.

  • Pods – Rooms on wheels

Dubai is going Green but in the near future. According to World Bank data, Dubai is one of the top 10 countries leaving a large amount of carbon footprint affecting and polluting ecology in a rather adverse way. And this is going to change for better in Dubai. A pod, cube-shaped vehicle, can transport 10 people at a maximum speed of 90 kilometers. And it can include bars and restrooms and check-in facilities for people heading towards their destinations. In the year 2018 two prototypes of Pods have been tested in the city of Dubai. And it is expected to have ready 4 pods to ferry visitors to the Dubai Expo 2020 site. Pods vehicles would cut transportation costs, reduce road accidents and pollution.

  • Flying Taxi

The government of Dubai is using technology to solve its transport problems. Dubai is likely to be the first city in the world to have a Drone taxi service. The flying taxi was developed by a German-based company Volocopter. It is a driverless electric car and a short-hop, vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft. The vehicle, 2-seater helicopter capacity with 18 propellers, was tested in Dubai for an unmanned demonstration flight. The commercial operation would start only after exhausting testing of all the ambit of the system.


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